Well-paced and Accelerated Training Programme

Technology Essentials for Non Tech Sales Professional

"The training is easy to understand and gives us more confidence to face challenges in real environment.”


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

"My analysis now will be based on proven evidence rather than gut feel in order to help me and my management make an informed decision."

Conflict Management

"The input is very useful, and the trainer is awesome!"

"Overall, the training is good because the modules are up-to-date and relevant to private/government sector."

Creativity, Business Improvement for Executive

"Happy & Happening!"

"I earned valuable experience in learning what an actual thinker I am, and that is important to tell there are a lot of obstacles stopping me to thrive even higher/brighter results."


Customer Care Workshop


"The course delivers something that makes me want to improve and know myself better, not only for work but also personally."

"Very helpful training to make a person become more confident." 

Subliminal Persuasion For Better Sales

"This is the best and unique sales training I've ever had."

"Informative education with practical while doing sales."

Making Better Decisions

"Very interactive session to push one individual to rethink and revise to learn from past experience."

"An engaging session that prompts you to think of real life applications and see how you can do with new skills/knowledge."

Being An Effective Supervisor or Coach

"The course content was sufficient. Showing inspirational video clips during each session was interesting and provided good break."

"Good motivator with good material."

Teamwork That Works!

"Extremely good work from entire Iverson team in conducting this team building professionally."

"The best team building programme with different activity which make us learn and same time discover the thing and lesson which can related to life and work."

Mandarin Language Workshop (Basic)

"This is a very good class because Malaysia is a multiracial country."

"This class is very useful for the future."

Planning & Organizing

"This training is so beneficial as we learned how to organized our life."

"Trainer is very open and uniquely as different in organizing the program."

Enhancing Business Acumen & Customer Centricity Mindset

“The trainer is very knowledgeable as he knows how to interact with us and catch our attention. My expectation for this class was actually low because it is in Microsoft Teams meeting. However, trainer made it very interesting and relaxing, not stressful.”

“I am happy learning from this trainer, his effort in making the virtual training fun and applicable in our work is well portrayed. After this training, I am excited to make use of things I have learnt from him.”


Competency Based Interview (CBI)

“This is a very effective course for people like me who has less interview experience. I've learnt a lot from these 2 days.”

“The trainer was really energetic, and he engaged really well with the audience!"

“After attending the training, I have a better understanding in running an interview effectively and look forward to apply the skill as soon as possible.”

“This course is important to make sure all the hiring managers are competent enough to hire the right candidates.”

“Impressive presentation, a lot of interactive activities and practical training”

Influential Communication In The Workplace

“The course helps me to develop both personal soft skill and life values.”

“Fun, emotional, laughter, knowledge.”

“Great training contents and applicable to workplace.”

Competency Based Interview (CBI)

“This course changed my thoughts on job interview.”

“This course is good enough as provide a new tool for management level to have a guide on accuracy position hiring.”

“I've learnt to ask right questions to the candidates to hire right person.”


Practical Project Management

"Thanks to the trainer for the good input which contributes to me having a better understanding and determination."

"Highly recommend to others!"

"After this training, I have an idea to wrap up and standardize the project management."

Essential English Communication and Writing Skills

"The trainer was very engaging as she involved the participants in every discussion. I’ve learnt a lot from the sessions. It gave me ideas to structure simple and understandable emails/sentences."

Teachers Training Programme

"This 3-day course is extremely helpful and informative. Furthermore, professionalism and presentation skills shown by the trainer are simply world class!"

Professional Work Ethic

"The trainer is a wonderful person with a beautiful soul, sharp, knowledgeable, and able to relate spiritual values with professional work ethics. Thank you so much for the great training session."

The New Norm Manager

"This course prepares me to be a new norm manager using the suitable method. Not only valuable for work but even in my daily life. Thank you to Iverson for providing a quality training course, a reliable and outstanding trainer."

Situational Leadership

"I love how the trainer is not moody and still manages to calmly engage herself in the virtual meetings even when some trainees did not answer her. Very inspiring and a good example of a trainer. Believe me, I have attended to one where this did not happen."

Transformational Leadership

"Very happy with this course, opened up my thinking towards how I lead myself and others. There are no boundaries anymore in the digital world."

Breaking Out of the Shell

"A wonderful experience of team building. I believe this 3-day event have ice broken some of us whom we are still yet to know each other well. It is also a great session for us to understand each other which is very helpful in upcoming works."

Essential Business Communication and Writing Skills

"Highly informative class. The trainer covered everything that is required to be alerted during business communication and writing. The examples are very helpful to guide the participant to understand further. Well done!"

Managing Challenging Communication

"The course material is well presented with a lively approach and active interaction between student and trainer. The trainer also has a great sense of humour."

Managing Difficult Conversation

"It’s a very good topic because we work in an environment involving people with different personality, culture and believes so it’s important to learn how to overcome a difficult conversation. The trainer is professional and experienced, so it was an interesting course."

Communication, Influence and Coaching in the Workplace

"This course is certainly enlightening and recommended for all people managers. The trainer was very well versed with the course materials as well as provided easy to understand examples to relate to the subject."

High Impact Presentation Skills

"The presenter is clear with his deliverables. Despite being fundamentals, it contains the necessary knowledge about how to become a great presenter."

Negotiating with Shark

"This course really helps in terms of negotiating especially with customers. Also, it is good to use the skills when communicating with other people."

Train The Trainer

"The training was a very good start for a new trainer like me since confidence and knowledge can be built throughout the 2 days training by interacting and engaging with more people."

Financial Modelling for Forecasting, Budgeting & Financial Statements in Excel

"Good and patient trainer as not all the attendees have Ad-math/Finance/Accounting knowledge. Even though it was not easy to absorb certain skills, Vincent was able to share the basic knowledge to all."

Synergy - Recharge & Reconnect

"If you encounter bonding issues in your team, this trainer's program is the right place to engage with. Certainly, he can make the changes, not only solving the existing issues, but develop greater people in the team with greater results!"

Synergy Forging a Common Purpose

"A great time, got to collaborate with people that I don’t normally speak to. Great games that really allows us to work well together while having fun"

Finance For Non-Finance

"Would like to thank the trainer for his teaching. Very valuable for my work and daily life. He makes financial easy for non-financial people like me."

Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making

"Big thanks to the trainer for this valuable training these 2 days. I really enjoyed it and appreciated that you made it fun. I feel better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. Thank you for your wisdom, experience, and personable presentation." 

Agile Leadership

"The trainer is very friendly, energetic, cheerful, and great in coaching in his topic of expert. He brought out the messages in a very steady pace, and easily understood way. I found that even with the course being conducted in virtual mode, I would still stay till the end of the session. "

Finance For Non-Finance

"The class though was short but was very fruitful for non-finance to understand well what’s Financing and Accounting all about. For a sale myself, now we can put ourselves in clients’ shoe to justify their investment on our solution in their budget."

Transformational Leadership

"Strongly recommended to those who would like to brush up leadership skills. The short 2 days training has opened up new possibilities in both my life and career. This trainer has made leadership EASY to learn. Thank you."

Millennial Leadership

"This is a good training for millennials and Gen Z to know about themself and to know more how to interact with other people with different generation. This is the best for people who want to be professional in work life."

German Cultural Awareness

“This is great to briefly learn about Germany’s culture. It is also beneficial for those working with Germans.”

Remote Work Excellence

“Great content of training comes with the great package of the trainer who was able to convey the presentation well which spice up the whole training period and to keep the participants engaged always.”

Remote Work Excellence

“I am happy to have this training. Besides adding insight, my skills are also upgraded.”

Embracing Diversity & Inclusion

“I Highly recommend to everyone joining this training. Very experience trainer and I will join the other trainings if there are opportunities in the future.”

Powerhouse Presenters

“Very impactful course that trains us from A to Z. Informative materials and easy to understand. Those exercises helped a lot to improve the way we present.”

Make it Rain- Leading Change and Managing Crisis

“Today's teambuilding is brilliant! The trainer leveraged online features/tools and gave us our 6 senses experience a boost. It was mind engaging, simple to understand and his key message stick with us even after our session. Well done!”

Transformative Communications

“Facilitator is well equipped with good knowledge and experience on this topic. He really put up the effort to observe and study all attendees and made this 2-days training an interesting and good learning event.”

Mandarin Language Workshop- Lower Intermediate

“The trainers are hardworking, engaging, knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional. I’ve improved a lot and appreciate their guidance in the past 27 sessions cumulatively.”

Competency Based Interview

“If you are used to the conventional interview and never heard of CBI, I think this training can provide you a concise and yet interactive session for you to learn about it.”

Effective Negotiation Skills

“This course is something everyone should learn as negotiation can happen anywhere and anytime in our life.”

Basic Project Management

“The trainer is well versed with the content. Easy to understand the concept and learning materials explained by the trainer”

Business English Communication

“The trainer is very friendly, helpful, and educated. I enjoyed attending the course as I’ve gotten so much experience and knowledge.”

Dynamic Leadership and Presentation

“I’ve picked up bits by bits throughout all the sessions. This session today actually adds up large chunks to my knowledge pool. Thank you!”

Foundations for Effective Training Skills

“Training was conducted with good explanation and knowledge as the trainer ensured to engage with participants.”

Microsoft Word Essential 2013 Beginner & Intermediate

“The trainer is smart in handling the 2-day training sessions by ensuring the course is interesting and she is good listener.”

Situational Leadership

"It is recommended to other corporation as it is beneficial for the growth of the efficient leadership in a company.”

Miki Island- A Virtual Team Building

“Getting the first team building Virtually is fun!! Iverson and the training team make it done well and hope to get more session in the future!”

Managing Stress and Total Wellness for a Full Rejuvenation At Work

“Although it's a one-day short course, the trainer shared her 20 years knowledge and practical experience to us. This allows us to use the tools to provide the best measurements for us.”

Powerhouse Presenters

“This trainer is very professional and passionate. She is very generous with her knowledge and tips on how to be an impactful presenter.”

“The trainer was able to relate to every member in our team. I give hundreds of kudos for that.”

Remote Work Excellence

“Overall, the session was great! I've enjoyed the activities session where we can engage with one another to complete those tasks. Every task has an applicable lesson to it. Highly recommended!”

Becoming a Learning- Agile Leader

“This training helps me to understand that every situation could have more perspective to consider, how to react and ensure the change executed can eventually lead to the objective.”

Essential Employability Skills

“Everything you need to know is here. The constant 2-way communication is so good to keep your focus on linear level. There isn’t a minute that felt boring during the class. I have learnt a lot of unexpected knowledge from these professionals.”

High Impact Presentation Skills

“Presentation activities. Lots of constructive feedback has been given and help us know where we could improve on. Big thanks.”

Essential Skills

“I was looking for a free talk program for my job-hunting project and this program give more than delivered.”

Crisis Management

“Presentation activities. Lots of constructive feedback has been given and help us know where we could improve on. Big thanks.”

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