Well-paced and Accelerated Training Programme

Technology Essentials for Non Tech Sales Professional

"The training is easy to understand and give us more confident to face challenges in real environment.”

“Pre-active and lively self-skilled sales training which I could apply it to my career and personal journey.

Strategic Influencing for Managers

Its good to know the steps to influence people in proper manner.

Strategic Negotiation Skills

Able to improve my negotiation skill.

Creative Problem Solving

Experienced trainer and details about the course are well known.

Leadership Effectiveness, Attitude and Delivery

The trainer is very knowledgeable and able to hold participant interest.

The Super Charged Team

Good training.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

My analysis now will be based on proven evidence rather than gut feel in order to help me and my management make an informed decision.

Conflict Management

"The input is very useful and the trainer is awesome!"

"Overall is good because training courses/module up-to-date and relevant to private/government sector."

Creativity, Business Improvement for Executive

"Happy & Happening!"

"I earned valuable experience in learning what an actual thinker I am, and that is important to tell there are a lot of obstacles stopping me to thrive even higher/brighter results."


Business Strategizing & Planning Performance Monitoring - Managing Gap

It is a great platform to know yourself better.

Customer Care Workshop


"It delivers something that really open my eyes, mind and heart to change, improve and knowing myself better, either related to work or personal."

"Very helpful training that make the person become more confident." 

Subliminal Persuasion For Better Sales

"This is the best and unique sales training I've ever had."

"Informative education with practical while doing sales."

Making Better Decisions

"Very interactive session to push one individual to rethink and revise to learn from past experience."

"An engaging session that prompts you to think of real life applications and see how you can do with new skills/knowledge."

Leading Change

This course let me learnt/know what to do when you don't know how to do. Thank you.

Being An Effective Supervisor or Coach

"The course content was sufficient. Showing inspirational video clips during each session was interesting and provided good break."

"Good motivator with good material."

High Impact Presentation Skills

Very interactive training that I ever had. 

Strategic Planning and Analytical Thinking

It will help to smooth the daily tasks and get the desirable outcome.

Power Business Communication and Writing @ Work
Train The Trainer

"It is worth and it is a platform to enhance the skills."

"Very good in delivering the method to apply in our daily work."

Teamwork That Works!

"Extremely good work from entire Iverson team in conducting this team building professionally."

"The best team building programme with different activity which make us learn and same time discover the thing and lesson which can related to life and work."

Mandarin Language Workshop (Basic)

"This is very good class, because Malaysia is multiracial country."

"This class very useful for future."

Planning & Organizing

"This training is so beneficial as we learned how to organized our life."

"Trainer is very open and uniquely as different in organizing the program."

The Power of Assertive & Influencing Communication


Enhancing Business Acumen & Customer Centricity Mindset

“Naga is a very knowledgeable trainer. He knows how to interact with us and catch our attention. My expectation for this class was actually low because it is in Microsoft Teams meeting. However, trainer made it very interesting and relaxing, not stressful”

“I am happy learning from Mr Naga, his effort in making the virtual training fun and applicable in our work is well portrayed. After this training, I am excited to make use of things I have learnt from him.”

“A good student not only self hardworking and work hard. But have a good teacher/lecturer is important to point out the main point of the course and it helps student to caught the point and to add value to all people. I do recommend this course to my friends. Thank you.”

Technical Report Writing

“This course add value to me.”

“The class helped me to learn on how to properly write reports in the most efficient way.”

Competency Based Interview (CBI)

“This is a very effective course that make me who has less interview experience learn a lot from the entire two days.”

“Sim was really energetic and he engaged really well with the audience!”

“After attending the training I have a better understanding in running an interview effectively and look forward to apply the skill as soon as possible.”

“This course is important to make sure all the hiring managers are competent enough to hire the right candidates”

“Impressive presentation, a lot of interactive activities and practical training”

Influential Communication In The Workplace

“The course helps me to develop both personal soft skill and life values.”

“Fun, emotional, laughter, knowledge.”

“Great training contents and applicable to workplace.”

Competency Based Interview (CBI)

“This course changed my thoughts on job interview.”

“This course is good enough as provide a new tool for management level to have a guide on accuracy position hiring.”

“Learn to ask right question to the candidate to hire right person.”


Practical Project Management

'Thanks to Dr Collin for the good input, which contribute to the better understanding and determination.'

'Thank you to Dr Collin for the training that you give for 2 days. It was amazing and give me the new knowledge about project management process.'

'Recommended to other people.'

'After this training, I have an idea to wrapped up and standardize the project management.'