Code Course Title Durations (Days)  
TB-AS Achieving Self Excellence 2 Enquire Now
TB-AT Achieving Top Performance through Positive Work Attitude 2 Enquire Now
TB-SC Assertiveness & Self-Confidence 2 Enquire Now
TB-BP Black Pearl Buccaneers 1 Enquire Now
TB-BR Breakthrough 1 Enquire Now
TB-BE Building Emotional Intelligence For Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness 1 Enquire Now
TB-BT Building TEAM Bootcamp 1 Enquire Now
TB-CE Commitment to Excellence! 1 Enquire Now
TB-CH Creating A Championship Team 2D1N Enquire Now
TB-CF Customer Focus Orientation 2D1N Enquire Now
TB-DR Determining Your Road to Success 2 Enquire Now
TB-WM Developing A Winning Mindset And A Positive Attitude At The Workplace 2 Enquire Now
TB-EM Employee Motivation, engagement & Empowerment 2 Enquire Now
TB-SO Engaging And Inspiring Others For Sustainable Organizational Effectiveness 2 Enquire Now
TB-EP Enhancing Performance and Building Strength 1 Enquire Now
TB-PE Enhancing Performance Through Generating Positive Energy For Sustainable Organizational Effectiveness 2 Enquire Now
TB-FD Focus & Discipline  2 Enquire Now
TB-FU FUN at Work 2 Enquire Now
TB-IP I.M.P.A.C.T Team Workshop 0.5 Enquire Now
TB-IM Influencing & Motivating 1 Enquire Now
TB-LC Leading A Championship Team 1 Enquire Now
TB-LV Leading A Victorious Team 2 Enquire Now
TB-MT Mindset Transformation & Motivation 2 Enquire Now
TB-WU My Strengths Write-up 1 Enquire Now
TB-OA One for All, All for One 2D1N Enquire Now
TB-OB Organizational Behavior-Towards Positive Working Environment 2 Enquire Now
TB-PP People Performance- Engaging And Inspiring Others 2 Enquire Now
TB-PS Persediaan Persaraan 3D2N Enquire Now
TB-PR Personal and Professional Excellence  2 Enquire Now
TB-PT Positive Thinking 1 Enquire Now
TB-PW Positive Work Attitude 2 Enquire Now
TB-TB Team Building 1D/2D/2D1N Enquire Now
TB-CC Team Building & Collaboration Skills 2 Enquire Now
TB-TD Team Dynamics  2 Enquire Now
TB-TC Teamwork & Collaboration  2 Enquire Now
TB-TW Teamwork That Works! 2D1N/3D2N Enquire Now
TB-AF The Art of Fulfillment 0.5 Enquire Now
TB-TP The Power of One 2D1N Enquire Now
TB-HP Towards High Performance 1 Enquire Now
TB-FP Unleash Your Full Potential 2 Enquire Now
TB-VW Vibrant Workforce Revolution (VWR)  2/3 Enquire Now
TB-ZL Zero Limit Team Alignment & Transformation 2D1N Enquire Now

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