Code Course Title Durations (Days)  
HR-LA Advance to Labour Laws 2 Enquire Now
HR-BI Behavioral Interview Techniques 2 Enquire Now
HR-ST Behavioural Interview And Selection Techniques 2 Enquire Now
HR-BC Bootcamp for Young Graduates 3 Enquire Now
HR-BS BSC n KPI 2 Enquire Now
HR-CM Career Management including writing resume 2 Enquire Now
HR-CB Competency / Behaviorial Based Interviewing Skills 2 Enquire Now
HR-CO Competency Based Interview (CBI) 2 Enquire Now
HR-IV Competency-Based Behavioral Interviewing Techniques 2 Enquire Now
HR-CE Conducting Effective Performance Reviews And Discussions 1 Enquire Now
HR-DD Develop Dynamic Relationship through Effective Relationship Communication and Human Relation Skills 2 Enquire Now
HR-DI Developing & Implementing an Effective Performance Management System 2 Enquire Now
HR-DW Developing & Writing Key Performance Indicators 2 Enquire Now
HR-EE Effective Employee Engagement 2 Enquire Now
HR-EI Effective Interviewing Techniques 1.5/2 Enquire Now
HR-PM Effective Performance Management for Sustainable Overall Organisational Excellence 2 Enquire Now
HR-ER Effective Recruitment Interviews 2 Enquire Now
HR-ES Effective Strategic HR Management Workshop 2 Enquire Now
HR-EP Employee Performance Management 2 Enquire Now
HR-EA Employment Act 2 Enquire Now
HR-EX Exit Interview Workshop 2 Enquire Now
HR-GJ Getting The Job You Want: Job Interview and Resume 2 Enquire Now
HR-HM Hiring Manager 2 Enquire Now
HR-HR HR for Non HR/HR for Non-HR Managers 2 Enquire Now
HR-SP HR For Non-HR Managers - Sharpening HR Skills At Work 2 Enquire Now
HR-BL HRM Business Link 22 Enquire Now
HR-IR Industrial Relation Make Easy 2 Enquire Now
HR-IA Industrial Relations Act 1967 2 Enquire Now
HR-IS Interviewing Skills Workshop - Hiring the Right Candidates 2 Enquire Now
HR-IL Introduction to Labours Law in Malaysia  2 Enquire Now
HR-JD Job Descriptions and Person Specifications “How to Write Them & How to Use Them” 2 Enquire Now
HR-TD Kick-start Talent Development 1 Enquire Now
HR-KP KPI and Work Process Management 2 Enquire Now
HR-LL Malaysia's Labour Laws 2 Enquire Now
HR-MR Management Review and Understanding KPI and KRA Incorporating Performance Appraisal System 2 Enquire Now
HR-MI Media Interviewing Skills 2 Enquire Now
HR-RI Recruitment Interviews 2 Enquire Now
HR-RS Resume Interviewing  1 Enquire Now
HR-SH Successful Hiring 2 Enquire Now
HR-SU Successful Hiring for Manager 2 Enquire Now
HR-TM Termination and Dismissal 2 Enquire Now
HR-TE Termination of Employment by Law 2 Enquire Now
HR-UE Understanding The Employment Act 2 Enquire Now
HR-WP Work Process and KPI Management for Efficient Performance and Effective Results 2 Enquire Now

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