Code Course Title Durations (Days)  
SM-AL ALPHA Sales Strategy 2 Enquire Now
SM-BT Being Trusted Advisor: Keys to Relationship Selling 2 Enquire Now
SM-BR BREAKTHROUGH! I Can Sell Too! 2 Enquire Now
SM-CS Certified Sales Professional (CSP) 2 Enquire Now
SM-FO Customer Focused Selling 2 Enquire Now
SM-FS Fast Start Tele-Marketing 1 Enquire Now
SM-GR Golden Rules to Telephone Success - Essential Skills For Telemarketing 2 Enquire Now
SM-HS Handling Sales Objections & Negotiation Skills 2 Enquire Now
SM-HC Help Your Customers to Buy 2 Enquire Now
SM-SP High Impact Sales Presentation Skills 2 Enquire Now
SM-HI High Impact Selling Skills 2 Enquire Now
SM-SF High Performance Sales Force Management 2 Enquire Now
SM-HP High Performance Selling & Powerful Closing Techniques 2 Enquire Now
SM-IS Increase Sales Thru Intensive Customers Behaviours-Centric using Neuroscience
*Neuroscience is NOT NLP.
2 Enquire Now
SM-KE Key Account Management & Selling to Senior Management 2 Enquire Now
SM-MK Marketing 2 Enquire Now
SM-MS Marketing & Sales Processes 2 Enquire Now
SM-OT Outbound Tele-marketing & Cold Calling 2 Enquire Now
SM-CF Professional Selling & Communications III (Customer Focused) 2 Enquire Now
SM-PS Professional Selling and Communication I 2 Enquire Now
SM-PR Professional Selling and Communication II 2 Enquire Now
SM-QS Quantum Sales Closing – The Psychology of Influencing Buying Decision 2 Enquire Now
SM-QU Quantum Sales Skills - Part I 2 Enquire Now
SM-QT Quantum Sales Skills - Part II 2 Enquire Now
SM-RM Relationship Marketing 2 Enquire Now
SM-RS Retail Sales & Service 2 Enquire Now
SM-SC Sales Channel Management Essentials 2 Enquire Now
SM-CO Sales Coaching & Motivation 2 Enquire Now
SM-SA Sales Mastery 3 Enquire Now
SM-GS Sales Mastery- Great Sales People Are Trained Not Born 17 Enquire Now
SM-CL Sales Skills- Fundamentals of Selling and Creating Loyal Customers 2 Enquire Now
SM-SS Secrets of Superior Service & Telemarketing 2 Enquire Now
SM-SD Sell Differently, Sell Psychologically 2 Enquire Now
SM-DM SELL! Direct to the Decision Making Mind 2 hrs Enquire Now
SM-SE Selling Skills 3 Enquire Now
SM-SI Speaking to Sell / Speaking to Influence 2 Enquire Now
SM-SK Strategic Key Account Management 2 Enquire Now
SM-SM Strategic Marketing & Analytical Skills 2 Enquire Now
SM-MM Strategic Marketing Management 2 Enquire Now
SM-SU Subliminal Influence For Sales Acceleration 2 Enquire Now
SM-ST Successful Tele-Sales Management 2 Enquire Now
SM-TM Telemarketing Workshop 2 Enquire Now
SM-CH The Sales Champion Mindset & Attitude 2 Enquire Now
SM-TS Towards Sales & Team EXCELLENCE! 3 Enquire Now
SM-UC Up-Selling & Cross-Selling 2 Enquire Now

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