Code Course Title Durations (Days)  
ML-BM (DiSC) Building & Managing Relationships AT Work : Know How 2 Enquire Now
ML-MC 10 Tools for Managerial Competency “Guides in Becoming a High Performance Manager” 2 Enquire Now
ML-FE 7 Effective Skills for Executives 2 Enquire Now
ML-HG 7 Habits of Highly Successful Supervisors/Managers 2 Enquire Now
ML-PL 7 Management And Planning Tools (7MP) 3 Enquire Now
ML-HS 8 Secrets Of Highly Successful People-Reengineering Yourself For Peak Performance 2 Enquire Now
ML-AS Action Leadership 2 Enquire Now
ML-AL Adaptive Leadership and Executing Work 1 Enquire Now
ML-AP Advanced Management Programme 2 Enquire Now
ML-AM Anger Management & Violence or Crime Prevention 2 Enquire Now
ML-AC Assertiveness & Conflict Management Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-BE Building Excellence Through Leadership- Management Challenges in the 21st century 2 Enquire Now
ML-BA Business Acumen Leadership for High Potentials 2 Enquire Now
ML-BD Business Development and Strategy 2 Enquire Now
ML-BL Business Leadership- Becoming Management Material 3 Enquire Now
ML-BP Business Planning For Success 2 Enquire Now
ML-CI Change & Innovation  2 Enquire Now
ML-CN Change Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-CH Change Management –Planning for Change, Motivating, Persuading & Responding to Potential Resistance 2 Enquire Now
ML-CC Coaching & Counseling for Work Improvement 2 Enquire Now
ML-MR Coaching & Mentoring 2 Enquire Now
ML-RF Coaching & Resolving Conflict 1 Enquire Now
ML-CO Coaching and Executing Work 1 Enquire Now
ML-CM Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leadership Success 2 Enquire Now
ML-HP Coaching for High Performance 2 Enquire Now
ML-RE Coaching Series for Manager 2 Enquire Now
ML-CV Cognitive Tools for Managers 2 Enquire Now
ML-CD Communication & Coaching-The Essence of Leadership 2 Enquire Now
ML-TL Competencies in Transformational Leadership for Result Effectiveness “Bringing the Best out of Your People” 2 Enquire Now
ML-CF Conflict Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-CA Critical & Analytical Think Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-RM Critical Thinking & Risk Management 3 Enquire Now
ML-CR Critical Thinking & Strategic Problem Solving 2 Enquire Now
ML-TH Critical Thinking Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-CU Cross Cultural Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-DA Data Analysis & Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-DD Dealing with Difficult People  2 Enquire Now
ML-DM Decision Making Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-DS Delegation Skills- How To Delegate To Get More Done 2 Enquire Now
ML-DB Developing Business Acumen 2 Enquire Now
ML-DR Developing the Right Attitude for Performing under Pressure 2 Enquire Now
ML-DT Directive Communication™Innovation Leadership (DCL) 3/4 Enquire Now
ML-MY Discovering & Managing Yourself Successfully 2 Enquire Now
ML-DE Driving Excellence  2 Enquire Now
ML-DC Dynamic Change Management Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-AB Effective Absence Management 1 Enquire Now
ML-EB Effective Business Data Management & Analysis 2 Enquire Now
ML-EC Effective Coaching for Managers 2 Enquire Now
ML-ED Effective Disciplinary Management- Grievance Handling, Misconduct & Domestic Inquiry 1 Enquire Now
ML-EL Effective Leadership And Delegation Skills For Result Effectiveness 2 Enquire Now
ML-EV Effective Leadership and Interpersonal Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-MI Effective Minute Taking & Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-NG Effective Negotiation Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-PN Effective Personality Management Workshop 2 Enquire Now
ML-EP Effective Planning And Organizing 2 Enquire Now
ML-SE Effective Self Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-ES Effective Supervision at Work 2 Enquire Now
ML-EF Effective Supervisory Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-FT Effective Time Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-EO Emotional Intelligence 2 Enquire Now
ML-IN Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Effectiveness 2 Enquire Now
ML-EI Emotional Intelligence @ Work 2 Enquire Now
ML-EW Emotional Intelligent Workforce (EIW) 2 Enquire Now
ML-EA Enhance Your Ability To Deal With Difficult Behaviours 2 Enquire Now
ML-EY Enhance Your Ability to Win at Workplace 1 Enquire Now
ML-EN Enhancing Self-Management and Personal Development 2 Enquire Now
ML-EQ EQ & People Skills for Success 2 Enquire Now
ML-ET EQ- Emotional Intelligence 2 Enquire Now
ML-EM Essential Managerial Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-PT Etiquette And Business Protocol Workshop 2 Enquire Now
ML-DI Everything DiSC Management 1 Enquire Now
ML-EX Excellent People Management Ski 2 Enquire Now
ML-XM Executive to Manager – The Transition 2 Enquire Now
ML-FL Frontline Leadership And Motivation Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-HM Handling Misconduct And Domestic Inquiry  1 Enquire Now
ML-HE Highly Effective Leadership Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-WO How to Manage Emotions, Conflicts and Changes At the Workplace 2 Enquire Now
ML-IM Impression Management with Protocol and Etiquette for Senior Managers 2 Enquire Now
ML-IP Improving Personal Execution 2 Enquire Now
ML-IL Innovation Leadership - How To Use Innovation To Lead Effectively, Work Collaboratively, And Drive Results 2 Enquire Now
ML-IG Integrating & Maximising Performance, Attitude and Communication of Team 3 Enquire Now
ML-IS Intrapreneurship Success in Corporate Citizenship Program 3 Enquire Now
ML-YT Introduction to Systems Thinking 2 Enquire Now
ML-KI Kaizen & Innovation Workshop for Supervisors & Engineers 1 Enquire Now
ML-KZ Kaizen Training 2 Enquire Now
ML-LA L.E.A.D 2 Enquire Now
ML-IA LEAD! Influence Anyone 2 Enquire Now
ML-AD Leader as Coach- Advanced Leadership Series 6 Enquire Now
ML-LC Leaders as Change Champions 2 Enquire Now
ML-LM Leadership & Managerial Competencies 2 Enquire Now
ML-MV Leadership & Motivation for Supervisors and Team Leaders 2 Enquire Now
ML-LP Leadership & People Management Skills for New Leaders 2 Enquire Now
ML-LT Leadership & Teamwork 2 Enquire Now
ML-LH Leadership 21 2 Enquire Now
ML-AE Leadership Acceleration 2 Enquire Now
ML-HR Leadership and Human Relation Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-LB Leadership Blueprint Programme 2 Enquire Now
ML-LL Leadership Development for Line Leaders 2 Enquire Now
ML-DV Leadership Development Programme 2 Enquire Now
ML-DY Leadership Dynamics 2 Enquire Now
ML-LF Leadership Effectiveness, Attitude And Delivery  2 Enquire Now
ML-CW Leadership EQ & Coaching Workshop 3 Enquire Now
ML-LX Leadership For Executives 2 Enquire Now
ML-PD Leadership for the 21st Century: Your Personal Leadership Development Program  2 Enquire Now
ML-SU Leadership Foundation for Supervisors 1 Enquire Now
ML-MT Leadership Masteries 2 Enquire Now
ML-LS Leadership Skills 1/3 Enquire Now
ML-LW Leading & Working in Teams – Leadership Development Activity Based Workshop 2 Enquire Now
ML-LI Leading for Innovation 2 Enquire Now
ML-LO Leading Others Through Change - A Three-Phase Model for Success 2 Enquire Now
ML-BT Making Better Decisions 2 Enquire Now
ML-MA Management Development Programme 2 Enquire Now
ML-PW Managing Absenteeism, Misconduct and Poor Performance at The Workplace 2 Enquire Now
ML-ME Managing and Engaging Gen Y 2 Enquire Now
ML-MN Managing Conflict 1 Enquire Now
ML-CG Managing Conflict Gracefully- Harmony at Workplace 2 Enquire Now
ML-DF Managing Crucial /Difficult Conversations 2 Enquire Now
ML-MD Managing Difficult People 2 Enquire Now
ML-BR Managing Difficult People for Best Result 2 Enquire Now
ML-MG Managing for Success 2 Enquire Now
ML-MK Managing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Workshop 1 Enquire Now
ML-MU Managing Multiple Project, Priorities, Decision Making & Problem Solving 2 Enquire Now
ML-PI Managing Personal Improvements Workshop For Executives & Non Executives 2 Enquire Now
ML-MS Managing Stress 2 Enquire Now
ML-MW Managing Workplace  Conflicts Effectively 1/2 Enquire Now
ML-ML Managing Your Time: Get More Done in Less Time 2 Enquire Now
ML-MP Measuring Performance for Continual Improvements and Sustainablity 2 Enquire Now
ML-MM Mentor Models - The Key to Making Reality - Based Decisions 2 Enquire Now
ML-OR Operations Risk Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-OI Organising Your Ideas for Work Improvement  2 Enquire Now
ML-OB Organizational Branding and Positioning 2 Enquire Now
ML-OV Organizational Values - Building Positive Work Ethics 2 Enquire Now
ML-PS Paradigm Shifts for Enhancing Performance 2 Enquire Now
ML-PG Paradigm Shifts in Generating Positive Attitude 2 Enquire Now
ML-PO People Management Skills for Managers 2 Enquire Now
ML-PK People Skills for Leaders 2 Enquire Now
ML-PF Performance Management - Managing People 2 Enquire Now
ML-BC Performance Management for Results – Balanced Scorecard 2 Enquire Now
ML-WH Performance Management Workshop 2 Enquire Now
ML-PC Performance Manager: Coaching and Mentoring For Results 2 Enquire Now
ML-PV Personal Effectiveness And Productivity 2 Enquire Now
ML-PE Planning & Execution For Productivity Enhancement, Personal & Organizational Effectiveness 2 Enquire Now
ML-EH Positive Supervisory Ethics 2 Enquire Now
ML-AH Preventing And Effectively Managing Abuse And Harassment Issues At The Workplace 1 Enquire Now
ML-PP Principles In Production Planning And Strategies 2 Enquire Now
ML-PR Problem Solving & Decision Making 1 Enquire Now
ML-PM Production Management For Manufacturing 3 Enquire Now
ML-RL Reinvigorate Your Leadership (Junior Level 1) 2 Enquire Now
ML-RI Risk Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-RC Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving 2/3 Enquire Now
ML-SP Scenario Planning for Organisational Survival 2 Enquire Now
ML-SO Setting SMARTER Objectives that Drive Results 1 Enquire Now
ML-SX Sexual Harassment At The Workplace 2 Enquire Now
ML-SF Shaping Leaders of The Future 2 Enquire Now
ML-HD Solution Focused Leadership Coaching For Heads of Department 2/3 Enquire Now
ML-SW Store And Warehouse Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-SI Strategic Influencing for Managers 2 Enquire Now
ML-SM Strategic Management & Thinking  2 Enquire Now
ML-SR Strategic Planning 1/2 Enquire Now
ML-AT Strategic Planning And Analytical Thinking Workshop 1 Enquire Now
ML-SH Strategic Thinking 2 Enquire Now
ML-ST Strategic Thinking & Planning  2 Enquire Now
ML-TK Strategic Thinking and Mind Mapping 2 Enquire Now
ML-SK Stress Management Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-AN Stress, Anger and Time Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-CP Successful Career and Performance 2 Enquire Now
ML-SN Supervisors at Work 2 Enquire Now
ML-SL Supervisory & Leadership Skills 2 Enquire Now
ML-SD Supervisory Development Program 2 Enquire Now
ML-SS Supervisory Skills - How to Manage, Motivate & Support a Team 2 Enquire Now
ML-SC Supply Chain Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-SY System Thinking - How to Solve Problems So They Stay Solved 1 Enquire Now
ML-TN Taking Leadership to the Next Level 2 Enquire Now
ML-TM Talent Management- Creating a Top Notch 3 Enquire Now
ML-TG Talent Succession Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-NM The 3 Hats-The New Manager In You 2 Enquire Now
ML-CS The 8 Critical Skills of A Manager 2 Enquire Now
ML-AW The Art Of War Leadership & Management Program 2 Enquire Now
ML-EE The Effective Executive Plans and Executes Well 2 Enquire Now
ML-MO The Law of Momentum 1 Enquire Now
ML-VE The Values Edge System (Discovering & Aligning Personal and Team Values) 1 Enquire Now
ML-SA Time and Stress & Anger Management — Enhance, Organize & Performed 2 Enquire Now
ML-TT Time and Stress Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-TI Time Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-TQ Total Quality Management (TQM) Approach To Optimize Productivity And Efficiency 3 Enquire Now
ML-TR Transformation Mastery 2 Enquire Now
ML-TC Transformational Change Management 2 Enquire Now
ML-TF Transformational Leadership 2 Enquire Now
ML-TO Transformational Leadership & Managerial Competencies 2 Enquire Now
ML-TS Transformational Leadership for Sustainable Organisational Effectiveness 2 Enquire Now
ML-UE Unleash the EQ within You 1 Enquire Now
ML-WT Walk-The-Walk Leadership (WTW) 2 Enquire Now
ML-WP Workplace Effectiveness 2 Enquire Now
ML-WE Workplace Etiquette Essentials - Gaining That Extra Edge 1 Enquire Now
ML-WS Workplace Style (DISC) 2 Enquire Now
ML-YE Young Executive Leadership 2 Enquire Now

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