Code Course Title Durations (Days)  
CS-AE Achieving Excellence in Customer Service: Communicate Effectively, Listen, Learn & Build Loyal Customer Relationships 2 Enquire Now
CS-CC Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP) 2 Enquire Now
CS-CE Communicate Effectively, Listen, Learn & Build Loyal Customer Relationships 2 Enquire Now
CS-CI Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategy 4 Enquire Now
CS-WO Creating the WOW Customer Experience 2 Enquire Now
CS-CQ Customer and Quality Service 2 Enquire Now
CS-CR Customer Retention 1 Enquire Now
CS-QS Customer Satisfaction For Quality Service 2 Enquire Now
CS-SC Customer Service Coaching 2 Enquire Now
CS-EN Customer Service English 2 Enquire Now
CS-CS Customer Service Excellence  2 Enquire Now
CS-CF Customer Service Formula 3 Enquire Now
CS-CM Customer Service Management 2 Enquire Now
CS-CT Customer Service Management & Telephone  Etiquette 2 Enquire Now
CS-CA Customer Service Mindset & Attitude 2 Enquire Now
CS-RI Customer Service Recovery (RICOH) 2 Enquire Now
CS-GR Effective Complaints, Grievance & Dispute Handling & Domestic Inquiry Procedures 2 Enquire Now
CS-EF Effective Frontline Customer Handling 2 Enquire Now
CS-BA Enhancing Business Acumen & Customer Centricity Mindset 2 Enquire Now
CS-EC Enhancing Customer Service Communication Skills 1 Enquire Now
CS-GP Generating Positive Performance through Customer Service Excellence  2 Enquire Now
CS-HA Handling Customer Enquiries And Complaints 2 Enquire Now
CS-HC Handling Customers’ Complaints Positively 2 Enquire Now
CS-HD Handling Difficult Customers 2 Enquire Now
CS-HI High Impact Customer Hosting 2 Enquire Now
CS-MC Managing Customer’s Complaint 2 Enquire Now
CS-MD Managing Difficult Customers & Service Recovery Essentials 2 Enquire Now
CS-MB Managing the Branded Customer Experience 2 Enquire Now
CS-MT Mastering The Telephone Handling Skill And Communicate With Influence In The Service Environment 2 Enquire Now
CS-QC Quality Customer Service 2 Enquire Now
CS-SE Service Excellence Champions (SEC) 2 Enquire Now
CS-SM Service Excellent Mindset 1 Enquire Now
CS-SH Service From the Heart 2 Enquire Now
CS-EE The 3E’s Of Customer Service - Effective, Efficient, Engaging 1 Enquire Now
CS-AR The Art Of Relationship Building In Managing And Handling Your Customer In The Service Place 2 Enquire Now

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