Code Course Title Durations (Days)  
CI-CM Crisis Management in Relation to Media - Managing Press/Media with Excellent PR 2 Enquire Now
CI-SC Cutting It with Style & Colors 0.5 Enquire Now
CI-DY Developing Your Winning Personal Branding Skills 2 Enquire Now
CI-GB Grooming & Business Etiquette 1 Enquire Now
CI-GE Grooming & Etiquette for Professional 1 Enquire Now
CI-GS Grooming & Social Etiquette 2 Enquire Now
CI-PC Personal And Corporate Image Rebranding 1 Enquire Now
CI-PB Personal Branding and Image 2 Enquire Now
CI-PI Personal Image Empowerment 2 Enquire Now
CI-PU Power Up Your Image (Professional Grooming & Business Etiquette) 2 Enquire Now
CI-PE Professional Grooming & Etiquette for Junior Level 2 Enquire Now
CI-PG Professional Grooming & Social Etiquette 2 Enquire Now
CI-PJ Professional Grooming for Junior Level 1 Enquire Now
CI-CC Professional Grooming With Clothing Capsule 1 Enquire Now
CI-PM Professional Grooming With Make Up 1 Enquire Now
CI-IG Professional Image and Grooming Skills 2 Enquire Now
CI-EU The Essential & Unspoken Rules of Corporate Etiquette 2 Enquire Now
CI-TS Transform To A Star Professional 2 Enquire Now
CI-WB Working Your Brand Magic 2 Enquire Now

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