2 days

9am - 5pm

1 - 2 December 

Get Effective with Excel

Course Description

Excel is commonly used in data management & analysis, but few people can truly use it effectively. You need to know Excel’s vast array of data management & analysis tools to manage & interpret business information in a coherent & organized manner. For self-taught professionals, it is a discipline that is acquired through years of experience, often an arduous trial & error process.

This program is designed to be immediately practical and useful for the business analyst who needs to manage huge data records, analyse business information, perform forecasts and ultimately make fact-based decisions to drive businesses forward. This is an all-inclusive program to familiarise the participant in Excel’s data management features. It trains the participant to manipulate & analyse business data as a valuable resource.


Before attending this course, students should have experience:

  • A basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office Excel

Who should Attend?

This course is intended intermediate Excel users (Accounting, Finance, and Operations).

Course Content

  • Module 1: Statistical and Logical Functions
  • Module 2: Lookup and Reference Formulas
  • Module 3: Text Formulas
  • Module 4: Date and Time Formulas
  • Module 5: Array and Database Functions
  • Module 6: Efficiency Tips
  • Module 7: Making Data Work For You
  • Module 8: A Quick Tour
  • Module 9: Manipulating the PivotTable
  • Module 10: Beyond the Basics
  • Module 11: More PivotTable Calculations
  • Module 12: Using Data Validation

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