Code Course Title Durations (Days)  
FN-AF Accounting / Finance Topics 2 Enquire Now
FN-BV Business Valuation Methodologies 2 Enquire Now
FN-CA Cash Flow Analysis, Budgeting, Forecasting and Management 2 Enquire Now
FN-CR Cost Reduction 2 Enquire Now
FN-DC Designing Choice Architecture 2 Enquire Now
FN-RF Detecting Red Flags in Creative Accounting 2 Enquire Now
FN-EB Effective Budgeting Planning & Control using Excel 2 Enquire Now
FN-EC Effective Credit Management and Faster Debt Collection 2 Enquire Now
FN-ED Effective Debt Collection 2 Enquire Now
FN-FF Essentials Of Financial Fundamental Analytics: Analysing Company Performance 1 Enquire Now
FN-FM Finance for Managers (Intermediate) 2 Enquire Now
FN-NM Finance For Non Finance Managers/Executives 2 Enquire Now
FN-FN Finance for Non-Finance 2 Enquire Now
FN-FI Financial Modelling 2 Enquire Now
FN-MD Financial Modelling for Excel 2 Enquire Now
FN-FR Financial Risk Management 2 Enquire Now
FN-GS GST 2 Enquire Now
FN-MP Manpower Planning And Budgeting 2 Enquire Now
FN-PG Preparing for GST  2 Enquire Now

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